Kodex PU Primer

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Kodex PU Primer is a moisture curing, single pack, liquid polyurethane penetrating waterproofing primer. It is formulated to compliment KODEPROOF. Cross - link
technology the chemical bond between the PU, Kodeprime is exceptionally strong. PU as a primer: Improves the adhesion and preformance of the membrane, 'locks - down' dust and loose materials, improves the spreading and application of the subsequent membranes, provides a penetrative secondary waterproof barrier and improves the coverage of the Kodeprime membranes.

Kodex PU Primer i is a penetrative sealer and provides a penetrative waterproof barrier when applied in 2 coats or more. DO NOT use as a primary waterproofing membrane . Use only in conjunction with Kodelam M400 PU waterproofing membranes . The PU dries by evapouration of the solvent and then cures upon contact with water vapour in the air.


  • It incorporates cross- linking technology to enhance
  • adhesion and provides a strong bond to the substrate.
  • Enhances the overall performance and functionality of the waterproofing membrane.
  • Easy to apply - single pack.
  • Dries quickly, with large top coating window.

User Area

Kodeprime PUP is formulated to prime most surfaces to be waterproofed using Kodelam M400 PU, included are
the following:
Concrete, cement and cement render. Timber. Plaster
Board and Fibre - Cement sheeting. Brick and Block work.
Given its inherent properties, it can also be used as a
penetrative sealer. Ensure that the PU is dry prior to the
application of Kodelam M400 PU .